Terms And Services

(1.)  This agreement covers the terms and conditions related to purchasing any products and services from Sarokar Management Services Pvt ltd through our website accessed via As a customer, its important for you to make sure you read and understand all conditions before making any purchase with us, to avoid any possible misunderstanding in the future.

(2.)  We are not a Ponzi Scheme / Pyramid scheme / Chit Fund / Investment Company.

(3.) We do not offer you Easy Money / Get Rich Quick Schemes.

(4.)  We offer you value for money products and sole aim of business is sales of the goods

(5.)  Sarokar Management Services Pvt. Ltd. (SMS) is a Online Selling entity. By buying a product from SMS, you are only buying product for your self-usage and there is no investment or expectation of any kind of returns from your purchase.

(6.)  The products & invoice are issued post payment and verbal confirmation on Tele calling is made to you. The company puts in best efforts to make your purchase a pleasure experience and avoid any miscommunication or wrong commitments at time of sale. At the time of verification call, you can also ask for refund if you wish to. But Please note the refund takes 20 days’ time after submission of your bank detail..So it's a request not to follow us up before 20 days as it will be automatically transferred to your account.

Purchase Agreement

(1.)  User cannot use the service/product to harm/abuse anyone or any firm. User cannot use anything that harms a person directly or indirectly. The User understands and makes a transaction only after accepting all of our terms and conditions mentioned below.

(2.)  We generally provide 20 days free cool period by default each time from the date of purchase. If the product/services are not as per requested, can be canceled transactions and money would be refund as per policy.

(3.)  We have rights to change the all/partial rate revise anytime without any notice if we found legal issue.

(4.)  Pricing is bound to change anytime. This may not have any effect on already bought product/services, however, when Govt. regulations hikes/decreases charges. We have rights to increase/decrease rates without any prior notice.

(5.)  We have 24x7 (including Sunday) billing system available by payment gateway, upi, claques, demand draft, neft and imps. Remember we only accept payment directly from customers/ parties.

(6.)  We have refund policy within 20 days called cooling period; If customers not found product as per requested and funds transferred on at transaction channel to us will be refund money after statuary deductions. So feel free order/buy request form without any tension.

(7.)  We reserves the rights to modify/change any plan structure anytime without prior notification to our customers/members/partners. We also reserve the rights to increase/decrease margin/commissions/ service charges/surcharges on any product/service anytime without prior notification to our customers/members/partners. We also reserve the rights to terminate/suspend any of our.

(8.)  customers/members/partners Account on violation of our terms and conditions or abuse or any harassment and no refund will be provided in such cases and if there is any amount of remaining balance left in our customers/members/partners account on our website and same will be converted to zero or nil and no refund / redeem will be given to customers/members/partners.. One one payment transaction is mandatory in every 60 days, if our customers/members/partners has not done any payment transaction in last 60 days, his / her account will be terminated / suspended automatically by our system and need to apply for renewal.

(9.)  Our Terms & Conditions may change often, so kindly check out the page once in a while before making any commitment.

(10.) Last Modified: March 22, 2018